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Agile Technologies, Inc.

Agile Technologies is an electronics solutions company providing comprehensive electronics design, production and product management services to global electronics and technology companies. We help our customers to bring electronics products to the market faster and more cost effective by providing complete electronic product supply chain management, and comprehensive, individualized, focused solutions in a broad range of industries and applications. Whether you want to expand a product line, launch a prototype program or integrate a joint development manufacturing strategy, we raise the quality of your products while lowering cost.

Competitive advantage is all about assembling the right set of business relationships to maintain and expand market share. Agile Technologies is dedicated to building solid partnerships and providing flexible solutions to enable our customers' success. We are adaptive and agile and help our customers to maintain their leadership position by coupling manufacturing and logistics functions to reduce redundant processes throughout the supply chain. This allows the design, assembly and distribution of products to be completed and brought to market with fewer touches and less cost.

You can count on your Agile Technologies partnership. Our quality, technology, service and expertise are at your disposal. We’re ready and prepared to be quick and responsive. And we always put the customer first. We help you become more successful by providing competence, dedication, willingness and a fighting spirit. We offer design, manufacturing and logistics solutions that will impact your bottom line!

Design & Engineering

We bring design and engineering solutions to our customers and continue to find ways to help you become more successful.

What factors influence the success of your product in the marketplace? How do you get to market faster, at a lower cost and with higher quality standards? Being able to answer these questions helps set technology companies apart and gives them a significant competitive advantage.

With more than 80 percent of a product’s price and supply chain performance determined in the design and engineering phase, accessing the right EMS partner who can deliver on all fronts is imperative. Agile Technologies' quality and technology leadership, and reputation in the marketplace help you compete and succeed.

We are an extension of your product development team . . .

PCB & Final System Assembly

It all comes together at Agile Technologies. We provide PCB assembly and full integration of electronic products. We rapidly procure components, assemble products, perform complex testing and ship to your end customer. We offer a complete product solution synchronized with quality assurance and test processes to ensure the highest-level production on all assemblies.

We earn your trust by managing the supply chain, assembling your products and putting you first.


At Agile Technologies, we tightly couple manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management processes, allowing for the design, assembly and distribution of your products to be completed more quickly, at a lower cost and at high quality standards.

Why let logistics and supply chain management complicate your business?

As you position your business for immediate and future growth, look to Agile Technologies as your partner of choice.


Our quality and customer focus is evident in everything we design, manufacture, test and deliver. It’s this emphasis on quality, innovative technology and complete end-to-end manufacturing solutions that drives our business and provides our customers with significant competitive advantages in the global marketplace. 

Whether we’re designing and prototyping products, launching new products, deploying the personnel needed to meet a customer’s demand or delivering shipments to our customers, we take every measure to ensure quality, excellence and industry-leading processes throughout our operation.

Modular Solutions

There’s so much to tap into at Agile Technologies. We’re right there, meeting each and every need of our customers. Need extensive experience in modular solution design and manufacturing? Look no further than Agile Technologies. We provide a comprehensive range of DRAM, Flash and SRAM modules, and other custom solutions.

Agile Technologies is committed to designing, manufacturing and delivering the latest, most cost-effective and innovative solutions to our OEM customers worldwide. Our comprehensive range of DRAM, Flash and SRAM modules allow OEM customers maximum flexibility to enhance the speed, quality and design of their products.

Agile Technologies’ extensive experience in modular design and manufacturing utilizes innovative, state-of-the-art and industry-standard memory technologies. Our advanced design and manufacturing capabilities offer superior assembly, test, programming and deployment solutions for all modular product needs. To maintain our leadership position as a modular product solutions provider, Agile Technologies is constantly researching, developing and implementing next-generation solutions.

Superior and Flexible Support

Our customers rely on Agile Technologies’ superior quality, flexibility and quick response to bring them the right solutions. We provide

bulletExtensive modular solutions design and manufacturing experience
bulletRapid time-to-market with cost-effective solutions
bulletComprehensive product support portfolio featuring DRAM, Flash and SRAM

Customer-Focused Strategy

At Agile Technologies, service means the ability to recognize, anticipate and concentrate on the specific needs of our customers. Both our business strategy and day-to-day operations are based on the feedback we get from our customers and we have built and grown Agile Technologies one satisfied customer at a time. Today, we offer tailored services to customers within the automotive, communications infrastructure, enterprise computing and storage, defense and aerospace, medical, industrial and semiconductor equipment, multimedia and renewable energy industries worldwide.




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