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Agile Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures Flash memory modules and cards in a variety of form factors. Because of its form factor and silicon independence as well as its technical experience, Agile Technologies, Inc. can offer unique advantages for OEM Flash Card requirements:

Agile Technologies can provide OEMs with unbiased advice as well as the optimum Flash card solution for each individual application.

The company is able to provide the most cost effective solution for the application through its relationships with numerous suppliers for NOR/NAND Flash and controller ASICs.

Key Benefits

bulletNon volatile Storage Solutions
bulletScalable, Upgradeable, Reliable
bulletPreprogrammed to Customer Specifications

Product Types:

Flash Modules

Agile Technologies offers SIMMs, DIMMs and SO DIMMs modules based on multiple Flash memory  technologies. Flash modules from Agile Technologies are predominantly used in embedded controller applications, routers, servers and telecom switches for storage of code and/or data.

IDE and Miniature Flash Drives

IDE Flash Drives are designed for applications which require high random access performance, high reliability and low power consumption under a wide range of operating temperatures and conditions. These rugged solid-state drives are an ideal code and data storage solution realized in industry standard 1.8” & 2.5” and 3.5” form factors.  Agile Technologies also offers Miniature Flash drives that plug directly into a standard 40 pin IDE connector, thus eliminating the need for cables.

USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives operate as a secure, reliable, removable disk, using a standard Universal Serial Bus (USB) device interface. The host computer immediately detects it, recognizing it as a supplementary removable disk and assigning it a drive letter. USB Flash Drives support complete and instantaneous plug and play interoperability on the latest operating systems, with no software drivers required.

Flash Cards

Linear Flash Cards
Linear Flash PC Cards support true random read and write access.  This allows the system to execute programs directly from the card (Execute in Place).  Non volatile Linear Flash cards are used in a variety of applications, including networking and telecom equipment, industrial controls and instrumentation.  Linear Flash cards from Agile Technologies, Inc. are fully PC Card (Type I) compatible and operate faster than hard disks, but are removable like floppy disks. Since there are no moving parts, Linear Flash cards operate reliably in conditions that can be normally hostile to data. Agile Technologies' Linear Flash PC Cards are offered in a variety of read/write voltages. Typical access times are 150ns. However, some faster cards are available.

CompactFlash™ cards
CompactFlash (CF) cards achieve densities up to 1 GB for the CF Type II card and 640MB for the CF Type I card since the recent introduction of 1Gbit Flash chips. Agile Technologies' CF cards typically write data at roughly two to three times faster than other CF products on the market today.  Agile Technologies' high-performance CompactFlash™ product offerings are targeted at OEM markets such as networking, telecommunications and data communication applications as well as mobile and embedded computing, automotive, GPS and industrial applications. CompactFlash™ cards can be found in set-top boxes, voice recorders, digital still and video cameras and MP3 players. They are also used to communicate and store faxes or voice mail on next-generation mobile phones.

ATA Flash PC cards
Agile Technologies' PC cards are based on the same controllers as CompactFlash cards and offer a backward-compatibility solution for PC Card slots. The 68-pin Type I ATA flash cards are compatible with Type I, II and III PC card slots. ATA Flash PC cards are used in applications such as notebooks, telecom and networking equipment. High-density ATA Flash cards bring low power and maneuverability to these applications. Agile Technologies' PC cards offer a high-capacity mass storage solution which act like a hard drive but are fast and portable like solid state storage devices.


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