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Agile Technologies provides SRAM based SIMMs, DIMMs and SO-DIMMs for Industrial and Level 2 Cache applications. SRAM modules from Agile Technologies are currently used in telecommunication systems, point of sale terminals, electronic verification equipment, industrial instrumentation, medical instruments, disk drives, servers, graphics, and workstations.

Key Benefits

bulletFaster time to market
bulletScalable, Upgradeable, Reliable
bulletVery high Bandwidth and low Access Times

Product Types:

Asynchronous SRAM

Asynchronous SRAM products are available in Module and PC card form factors. Modules are used in cache systems such as networking, datacom, telecom, and avionics. PC cards care used is electronic equipment and computers as removable storage.

Synchronous SRAM

Synchronous SRAM products are custom solutions designed for such applications as industrial control systems, test equipment, embedded systems, telecom, networking, server systems, and more. Synchronous SRAM is available in the following technologies:

Zero Bus Turnaround™ (ZBT®)

A synchronous SRAM architecture optimized for networking (Switches & Routers) and telecommunications applications with highly random READ and WRITE requirements. The simple memory interface of ZBT allows for an easy no latency interface to DSP, gate array, and ASIC memory applications with data rates of up to 200MHZ. ZBT is available in two Data Read methods; Pipeline & Flowthrough.

QDR (Quad Data Rate)

A next-generation synchronous Pipelined Burst SRAM architecture optimize for high-performance communications applications. QDR is a revolutionary architecture consisting of two separate DDR ports for operations at data rates above 200 MHz.

Synchronous SRAM modules offer high speed and are designed to eliminate latency between read and write data operations. This maximizes bus bandwidth and data throughput which optimizes system performance. The modules are used in nearly every industry including, industrial control, test equipment, embedded systems, telecom, networking and file servers. Agile Technologies offers a variety of pipelined , flow- through as well as ZBT/NoBL Synchronous SRAM modules. These products are used in systems that need high bandwidth per pin as well as balanced and mixed access between read-and -write cycles.
Agile Technologies has designed a wide array of custom daughter cards, 168 pin DIMM, 144 pin SoDIMM and 100 pin DIMM products using this new high speed technology.

Most SRAM subsystems are custom designs. To better assist you,  please provide the information requested below  and we will contact you shortly.


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